Monday, 19 August 2013

If it were a lady, it would get its bottom pinched (Fiat ad photographed by Jill Posener)

Accessed 19th August 2013

quote from article
In 1979 Jill Posener snapped a picture of a billboard she chanced upon during a daily walk in London. The ad was for a Fiat car, the message: ``If this car were a lady, it would get its bottom pinched.`` Spray-painted underneath: ``If this car was a woman, it would run you down.``

The photo quickly gained attention, reproduced on postcards sold at an English bookstore. Since that day, Posener has been exploring the streets of England and Australia, photographing billboards, walls, street signs, brick gates and sidewalks scrawled with feminist messages.

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Posener, 33, says the graffiti she first saw on that Fiat billboard "capsulated for me what feminism was . . . public, immediate and funny. It showed that feminism didn`t have to be humorless."

Twitter for Jill Posener, who on 19th August used the above picture as her twitter profile background